How does the cloud relates to the big buzz around digital transformation and security?

In this article, Vanenburg explains what ‘the cloud’ is exactly in relation to the digital transformation, focusing on security. We will elaborate on the advantages cloud computing has to offer your organization. Furthermore, we will outline two of our main solutions: Rootstock Cloud ERP and sSmart process apps. Both services that run on the cloud, […]

10 Reasons to move your business to the cloud

It’s a hot topic for companies digitizing their organizations: will we keep using on-premise servers, or do we move to the cloud? Below, we outline the ten most important reasons to move your business to the cloud. 1. Focus on core business Cloud hosting usually means the hosting is taken care of by a third […]

The internet of things: pie in the sky or right at your doorstep?

Imagine you are driving home and your car sends a message to several objects in your house. Your coffee machine starts working and the heat is turning up. You will come home in a warm house and a fresh cup of coffee is waiting for you. Perhaps your smart TV has been switched on, with […]