Google cloud partner transparant


NewPort case study

NewPort Tank Containers

Building a next-level transportation management system with Vanenburg.

Solvay Application management case study

Solvay: Application Management

Partnering to manage business-critical applications on the Google Cloud Platform.

Lotus Notes

Automotive customer

Rapidly modernizing advanced Lotus Notes apps for a manufacturing multionational.

Solvay Cloud Ops

Solvay: Cloud Ops

Delivering IaaS on Google Cloud to accelerate Solvay’s digital transformation.


Automotive customer

Developing the R&D project management solution for a manufacturing multinational.

ColorBase case study


Building a next-generation digital platform for the printing industry.

eConnect case study


Processing 1.8+ million invoices per year through an Intelligent Document Recognition solution for a leading e-invoicing platform.

eparts shop case study

Specialized in spare parts, developed a multi-channel eCommerce platform integrated with Salesforce.

Verhoek Europe case study

Verhoek Europe

Low-code Transport Management System (TMS) from Thinkwise for accelerated innovation.

De Staffing Groep

Scalable collaboration portal on top of Salesforce for 25,000+ freelance users.


Vanenburg's vision Whitepaper

Enterprise Architecture

Read this whitepaper and discover Vanenburg’s vision on Enterprise Architecture.  

MLops whitepaper


Read the MLOps whitepaper to discover the true potential of AI and ML for your business!


Company brochure

Download our company brochure to discover our heritage, our DNA, and our offerings to modernize your enterprise IT!

Rappit - Application Development Accelerator

Rappit is an application development accelerator for Google Cloud apps. 10X Faster, 10X Better, 10X Cheaper.

Flowcreate - Micro Apps and Integration Platform

Meet Flowcreate – a platform to quickly and economically build small, task-driven apps to streamline processes.

Undoc brochure

Undoc - Automate document processing

UnDoc is an artificial intelligence-powered solution for automation, extracting data through real-time document processing.


Profit by Loss

Download the autobiography of IT Entrepreneur Jan Baan, Founder of Baan Company, Cordys, and Vanenburg.

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