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Modernizing your Enterprise Software

Modernizing your Enterprise Software

We believe that companies can outperform their peers by modernizing their enterprise software solutions. Vanenburg is the expert in manufacturing, supply chain & logistics, and retail & wholesale industries, and serves ISVs & software integrators. We leverage innovative technologies in offering solutions around Application Development & Support, Data Analytics & Machine Learning, and Cloud Operations. We are your guide in modernizing software, empowering your smart enterprise.

Vanenburg is certified Google Cloud Premier partner with deep expertise. We are proud to be an early adopter of Google Cloud and have over a decade of experience with its innovative technology. Building 200 enterprise apps for dozens of customers, acquiring 70+ individual certifications, and achieving technical specializations for Application Development and Infrastructure.

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Find all information related to Enterprise software modernization, in one central location. Vanenburg company updates, the latest developments in the industry, and interesting insights to help your business become future-proof. You will find transformative content, including: 

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Rappit screen

Rappit is the application development accelerator for Google Cloud apps. It allows you to accelerate the building of advanced Java-based enterprise business applications through efficient requirements gathering, instant prototyping, and rapid code generation. Rappit avoids the classic vendor lock-in or a runtime licensing requirement.

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Modernizing your enterprise IT

Vanenburg (headquartered in Putten, the Netherlands) is an independent IT-service provider. We are the expert in developing enterprise IT modernization solutions. Founded in 2009, Vanenburg has more than 40 years of experience in the enterprise software market. We employ over 120 experts in the Netherlands and India.

Vanenburg is founded by industry veteran Jan Baan and building upon:

  • Baan Company, one of the top ERP-players, now part of Infor
  • Cordys, the BPM market leader, acquired by OpenText
  • Vanenburg as biggest external investor in TopTier and Webex

Risk-free 3+3+3 approach

We are technology experts, used to deliver quality work collaboratively and fast. We do not believe in lengthy consultancy projects, but we see the need for establishing a good common ground and creating a well-thought-out design.

Our risk-free 3+3+3 approach ensures that developers and business executives are focused on end results to prove feasibility and effectiveness. We thereby make innovation tangible and focus on continuous improvement initiatives.

Our approach:

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