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Verhoek Europe success story: Customized Document Automation Solution

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Customized document automation solution for fast and accurate processing of logistics documents

Verhoek Europe is an international logistics service provider with fourteen locations across Europe. Vanenburg supported Verhoek Europe in this project as their trusted implementation partner to replace its outdated Transport Management System (TMS) with a custom solution. 

Their challenges were:

  • Administrative burden: a manual labor intensive & error-prone process;
  • Need to quickly develop and implement a solution to digitize and automate this administrative burden for Brexit;
  • Standard OCR solutions not suitable: Inaccurate results, leading to a lot of manual (re)work;
  • Integration with existing TMS is required to make it a seamless process;
  • Need for a solid business case to warrant investment in a solution

In 2 weeks Vanenburg developed an Artificial Intelligence-powered module, leveraging Rappit Undoc, to automatically process export & import customs and transport documents. Resulting in an ROI of < 3 months, with 8x faster processing of +100k documents annually.

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