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10x your application development with Rappit Developer

Rappit Developer allows consultants and developers to accelerate the building of Java-based advanced enterprise business applications at scale on Google Cloud through smart requirements gathering, instant prototyping, and code generation.

Consultants can use Rappit Developer to prototype an application driven by customer requirements and engage a trained developer or Vanenburg to complete the application. The result is improved productivity in developing a customized code that can be deployed in your own GCP environment without a runtime license or vendor lock-in.

The session will kick off by providing insight on explaining how the Rappit Developer works, the underlying technologies used, best-fit use cases, how it is complementary to low-code/no-code platforms, and providing a demo. Eligible participants are offered the opportunity to register for the Rappit Developer early bird adopters program.

Target audience
Enterprise developers & IT business consultants who are interested to get started with Rappit Developer, and IT decision-makers who are looking to enable and empower their IT team.




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