The internet of things: pie in the sky or right at your doorstep?

Stefan van Olst

Stefan is a Senior Marketing professional, specialized in the computer software industry, new technologies and gadgets are his passion.

Imagine you are driving home and your car sends a message to several objects in your house. Your coffee machine starts working and the heat is turning up. You will come home in a warm house and a fresh cup of coffee is waiting for you. Perhaps your smart TV has been switched on, with Netflix ready to play your favorite series. Does this scenario sound futuristic to you? It is closer than you think; the technology has existed for decades already.

The situation described above would save an individual a tremendous amount of time on an annual base. Let alone what these innovations would mean for business. The Internet of Things might sound like an innovative concept organizations deal with currently, but this is not exactly true. IoT has been out there for a while! In fact, IoT has been intertwined with everyday life since the 1970’s. The first ATM was invented in 1967, and by now this process is evolving. More and more ATM’s are closing and payments are mostly conducted electronically.

Another example of Internet of things (IoT) in our daily lives is TomTom’s navigation devices. It has become so common to use them that only saying ‘ TomTom’ is enough to know that the device is meant. In addition, the health industry got on board the IoT-train a few years ago with smartwatches and other wearable devices. Nowadays, even smart clothes are available for several purposes. Whether it’s comfortable or flattering is another discussion, but the know-how is available.

All in all, connecting things to the Internet in itself is no innovation. However, the possibilities IoT enables are limitless, and that is where the challenge for organizations lies. Tackling those challenges and helping organizations improving their business is what Vanenburg excels at. We are able to determine which processes are constraining your organization, and how this can be solved. The outcomes are surprising. Take our solution for AntTail. In short, AntTail develops and delivers products for the pharmaceutical industry to ensure quality of medicines. Medicines travel long distances from the production plant to the patient, and it can be hard to keep track of what happens along the way. We developed sensors integrated with IoT, monitoring factors that could be influencing the quality of the medicines, such as the temperature and the opening of the package. The data is collected real-time can be accessed all over the world through the AntTail-portal we developed. Because of the compliant monitoring of the medication, returned medication of high value could be reused instead of being destroyed. This way, the pharmacist needs to destroy and thus produce less medicine, which makes this solution of added value.

The AntTail case is just one example of the solutions IoT has to offer. Monitoring temperature, humidity in the air, frequency of bumps in the road products have to endure, and these are only factors concerning transportation. Imagine what this entails for your overall business. With IoT, stock levels can be tracked, locations, touch frequency, machines can be regulated, and everything managed on one platform! The results would be incredible.

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