How bookseller and philanthropist Josep’s project got a bit out of hand

Sagrada família

A parallel between the Sagrada Família and IT modernization It is this time of the year that big crowds across the world are traveling for their well-deserved summer holidays. Many visit exotic beaches, mighty mountain ranges, quiet forests, stunning waterfalls, or vibrant cities. In this blog, I would like to tour the history of the […]

Unlock the potential of your SAP data

Google Cloud Cortex Framework

In an earlier blog, I wrote about how our mission is supported by helping customers move their SAP workloads to Google Cloud. In the first place, it will allow organizations to benefit from GCP’s sustainable infrastructure with many options for scale and growth and unique built-in resiliency such as automatic memory error detection and live […]

Is a company culture transferable?

Our Culture

We hear a lot about company culture these days. It seems a recurring topic that pops up, especially when companies experience difficulty in finding new employees. Suddenly, the company culture becomes a component of the recruiting process. Culture, however, cannot be a buzzword or a flavor of the day. It is the most important ingredient […]

Unlock yourself by moving SAP to Google Cloud

Unlock yourself by moving your SAP workloads to Google Cloud Platform with Vanenburg blog

SAP workload to Google Cloud Our mission is to help our customers in making their enterprise systems affordable and agile. This journey typically includes two main tracks. The first track is to modernize the core ERP system and the second track is to establish a connected layer where the logic can be extended with custom […]

Avoid ransomware!

Prevention of getting locked in by ransomware is becoming a growing concern for many businesses around the globe. The attacks are getting more bold and sophisticated. It encompasses a threat to the availability of information systems and the related business continuity, and can cost organizations much money and their reputation. Nowadays, ransomware is evolving more […]

Vanenburg’s vision on modern enterprise architecture (part 2/2)

Vanenburg's vision on modern architecture final (2)

Introduction In our previous blog, “Our vision on modern enterprise architecture – part 1″, we introduced Gartner’s “Pace layered application strategy,” “MASA approach,” and “Composable enterprise.” We highlighted why we believe that decoupling is key when it comes to making your enterprise software agile. Where exactly to decouple is not an easy decision. In this […]

Vanenburg’s vision on modern enterprise architecture (part 1/2)

Vanenburg's vision on modern architecture final (2)

Introduction In an era where organizations require a high level of flexibility to stay aligned with the market needs and benefit from new business models and technologies, the IT infrastructure is more and more measured on its agile capabilities and business outcomes. Evolving digital business demands, partnerships, and user expectations requires an application architecture that […]

The past, present and future for implementation partners in the cloud

Ever since the larger not built for cloud ERP platforms transitioned to the cloud, a lot has changed in the ecosystems of business solutions. The cloud promised disruption, change and growth for everyone, however it brings a lot more disruption for the implementation partners than expected. The promised flexibility, remote access, always current technology, world-class […]

Is it just a ChatBot or is there more?

At Vanenburg, we have developed a ChatBot which uses machine learning. Calling it just a ChatBot would be an understatement, as in fact, it is more a full-fledged workflow assistant. Using this learning component, the bot can search and learn from documents, data stored in applications, and conversations with users. The bot ensures multi language […]

3D printing in outer space, really?

A customer of yours has been waiting for too long on their product. You are doing everything you can think of, but alas, your customer takes off because he or she has been able to find the desired product somewhere else. In bigger amounts. For less money. What does that company have that you don’t? […]

How does the cloud relates to the big buzz around digital transformation and security?

In this article, Vanenburg explains what ‘the cloud’ is exactly in relation to the digital transformation, focusing on security. We will elaborate on the advantages cloud computing has to offer your organization. Furthermore, we will outline two of our main solutions: Rootstock Cloud ERP and sSmart process apps. Both services that run on the cloud, […]