How does the cloud relates to the big buzz around digital transformation and security?

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In this article, Vanenburg explains what ‘the cloud’ is exactly in relation to the digital transformation, focusing on security. We will elaborate on the advantages cloud computing has to offer your organization. Furthermore, we will outline two of our main solutions: Rootstock Cloud ERP and sSmart process apps. Both services that run on the cloud, and build you a better business.

An introduction to the cloud
The digital transformation forces companies to reconsider their strategy. An important decision to be made is whether to move your business to the cloud, or use an on-premise server. In fact, in a few years the question will not be if but when. Eventually, everybody will need go to the cloud in order to stay ahead of the competition. Currently, the biggest companies are Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft and Google. The thing they have in common, is that they all run in the cloud. For great innovative business plans like Netflix and Uber goes the same. It all comes down to innovation. A few of the innovation accelerators nowadays are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the internet of things. What is needed to make use of such technologies, is the cloud.

Some companies are frightened to make the decision, as the cloud might feel as an unsecure place for storing data. Running locally sounds safe; the server is located in a room within your organization, far from malicious hackers. However, fact is that most data leaks are caused by internal errors. In addition, the risk of being hacked also exists for on-premise servers. Ransomware, for instance, is a well-known problem in organizations and if you don’t have a backup you can say goodbye to your local files (or pay the fee). What people don’t realize, is that ‘the cloud’ does not mean your data is floating in the air, accessible to anyone with bad intentions. In fact, your data is stored on a physical server as well, but the difference is that this server is accessible when you have an Internet connection and the needed credentials.

There are various on-premise solutions to make sure that coworkers can access the server from home, and still store the files as safely as possible, for instance by using a VPN-connection. However, a major advantage of cloud computing is that organizations do not need to worry about keeping their server safe anymore. In fact, it’s hosted by a third party. Understandably, exactly this might cause an insecure feeling. You entrust a third party with your files, and this host may make copies and place them on different servers, and you never know how many of them are out there. This feeling is probably justified when you uploaded some private videos on the Internet, but in case of dozens of business documents you will be delighted having a copy should anything unforeseen happen to the original server.
Usually, this host is a company specialized in offering this service, and it’s their job to protect your data. It is highly improbable they gain a long-term advantage from leaking this. Take the Google Cloud. Please see below a snippet retrieved from htttps://

“Google data center physical security features a layered security model, including safeguards like custom-designed electronic access cards, alarms, vehicle access barriers, perimeter fencing, metal detectors, and biometrics, and the data center floor features laser beam intrusion detection. Our data centers are monitored 24/7 by high-resolution interior and exterior cameras that can detect and track intruders. (…) Less than one percent of Googlers will ever set foot in one of our data centers.”

Breaking into Google´s datacenter would be a great scene in an action movie. Professionals are usually more capable in securing data than a furniture store is, so to speak. In addition, they possess the newest updates and technology concerning security, something that is often a problem with on-premise servers. Outdated technology makes the on-premise server even more vulnerable to hackers.

Cloud ERP – the benefits
Unless you have time to struggle your way through heaps of files, an organization needs a reliable ERP. In short, ERP is software that covers most systems in an organization, connecting several departments. Also, it automates many tasks. Such software increases efficiency and hence productivity, and leads to lower costs. Most organizations do realize it is necessary to invest in proper ERP, but don’t know whether to choose on-premise, or cloud ERP. Cloud ERP has several advantages. Just as for the cloud in general, cloud ERP contains the newest updates and technology. This is beneficial for security. Skipping updates and working on outdated software causes potential safety hazards, and with cloud ERP most of these risks are eliminated. Furthermore, software in the cloud is more scalable. With an on-premise server one needs to estimate upfront how much space one needs. Over time, it may turn out that the estimation is not correct; the investment could be too big, or the organization’s growth results in an overloaded server. Of course, with software in the cloud one also needs to make an upfront investment in a certain amount of space. However, a few extra gigabyte is easily purchased. In addition, cloud ERP has several implications for the possibilities of the co-workers. The employee can work from home, in the train, actually everywhere with an Internet connection. In general, working at home results in happy employees and a higher productivity.

Rootstock Cloud ERP on Salesforce Cloud Platform
Vanenburg is reseller of Rootstock Cloud ERP, which is hosted on the Salesforce cloud platform. Salesforce takes security very seriously, and is a recognized industry leader in this regard. A major advantage of Rootstock Cloud ERP, is that it covers nearly all processes in companies that manufacture, distribute, or repair goods. From the marketing campaign in the very beginning, to invoicing at the end of the process; Rootstock has a module for it. In addition, the Salesforce platform allows you to integrate a dozen applications with Rootstock, making sure that everything you need is on one platform and you no longer waste time on finding the correct information and in- and exporting data. In addition, it is highly scalable; millions of users can be handled, and has the capability for growing to scale in real time! Furthermore, Rootstock Cloud ERP offers many advantages regarding personalization in manufacturing. Due to the variety of options, customers are getting more demanding. They can decide what the manufacturer must produce, instead of just accepting what is available. Rootstock Cloud ERP allows for many manufacturing strategies, such as Engineer to Order. You can even integrate 3D-printers with the ERP. Rootstock Cloud ERP allows not only for personalized products and – customer experience, but also allows personalization for employees and suppliers. It connects people, data, and things.

Smart process apps on the Google Cloud
Perhaps you are satisfied with your current ERP, or your business is not in manufacturing or distributing. Or you just have doubts about whether some process is too time-consuming and you wonder if an easy solution is available. Good news: we have great cloud solutions in stock for you. We develop smart process apps on the Google Cloud using Java. Smart process apps can automate or facilitate nearly all processes in your business. Tell us your problem, and we will help you finding a solution. First, we always assess your current IT-systems to make sure your current applications support your business operations to the fullest. We always provide you with independent advice on how to select the best tool for you, and how to prepare a smooth implementation process. Taking your input as the baseline, we will develop a smart process app for you. All of our smart process apps can be integrated with your ERP, allowing in- and exporting data to and from the App and the ERP. In addition, every app is highly scalable and flexible, and the data is available anytime from anywhere. We even developed a smart process app that works remotely in the jungle!
Combining our state-of-the-art technology with the internet of things leads to stunning results, increasing your productivity tremendously. Many happy customers have already experienced this. On this page you’ll find many examples of what we have developed previously, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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