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No Vendor Lock-in with Rappit Developer from Vanenburg

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Ronald Haantjes

Ronald Haantjes - Commercial Director Americas

What if I told you that paying for runtime licenses/subscriptions is a thing of the past? What if I told you that a cloud migration could increase your IT spending beyond the budget you had in mind? We have these kinds of conversations with our customers and decided to do something about it.

Software Vendor Lock-In is as old as the first systems and became very noticeable during the ERP hay days in the 90s. Once a customer committed to an ERP platform, switching platforms became increasingly complex and expensive. In the last decade, particularly the past five years, software vendors encouraged their on-prem users to move to the cloud, either via ‘lift-and-shift’ or by migrating to the vendor’s cloud version of the software. Whether or not it brought new functionality or other advantages, customers were often not left with another choice, as maintenance for the on-prem solutions would be on a sunset track.

Once in the cloud, the meter starts to run for each user subscription, app, and transaction without any functional improvements or changes.

What if we told you, you could leave your systems where they are – cloud or on-prem – and innovate with new functionality without creating vendor lock-in or increased costs? With Vanenburg’s Rappit Developer solution you can extend the functionality and life of existing on-prem and cloud applications without creating vendor lock-in.

“The goal should be that enterprises use their existing ERPs as plain ‘vanilla’ (without customizations). The Rappit Developer architecture and tools enables enterprises to build solutions on top of the Vanilla ERP in the innovation and differentiator layers. As such, it delivers an Enterprise Grade Architecture for any organization. Rappit Developer is the Productivity Improvement Framework for Application Development on Cloud, especially for Google. Rappit Developer works for both multi-cloud and on-premise solutions.”

– Jan Baan, in his recently published book “Profit by Loss” –

What if we told you that the code you create with Rappit Developer is yours to use, deploy and run wherever you want without recurring subscription costs

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