Vanenburg Software accelerates electronic invoicing also in Europe

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The most important bottleneck for adoption of e-invoicing is the uptake of e-invoicing interfaces by providers of standard (ERP and financial) software packages. Software providers are reluctant to produce and offer such interfaces, as standards for e-invoice formats are not stable and there are a lot of providers. The same is true for users of dedicated administrative software in governmental organisations. To remove this hurdle and accelerate the adaptation of e-invoicing, Vanenburg Software together with eConnect/eVerbinding, the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Municipality Groningen, GEFEG – Gesellschaft für Elektronischen Geschäftsverkehr – and The State of the Netherlands, started the project Semantic Conversion of Business Documents (SCOBDO). SCOBDO has been selected for funding under the CEF program of the European Commission. The goal is to develop an easy-to-use tool for software- and service providers to semi-automatically produce mappings between different e-invoicing formats, but also between standard formats and proprietary software interfaces. The tool will accelerate the uptake of e-invoicing solutions by dramatically lowering the set-up costs for software and service providers. In particular, SCOBDO will allow service providers to rapidly create converters between legacy standards and the Semantic data model for electronic invoice (EN16931) and software providers to rapidly create interfaces between their software and the semantic data model for electronic invoice (EN16931). Outcomes of this project are:
  • A database, or semantic repository, for electronic invoice standards, formats, syntaxes, versions and extensions
  • A user friendly interface to the repository, enabling users to store semantics of electronic invoices, which are the meaning of invoice elements, using their own terminology
  • An engine to semi-automatically produce mappings between electronic invoice standards, formats, syntaxes, versions and extensions
  • An XSLT-based format for mappings, so they may be deployed directly in electronic invoice conversion services
  • The mappings in services for real electronic invoice exchanges between suppliers and central and local government, including cross-border invoices.
The main role of Vanenburg Software is to enable the Collabrr platform for XSLT formats. This makes Collabrr a very useful tool to accelerate the digitization of the exchange of all kinds of documents within and between organizations. Collabrr is a unique networking solution for enabling businesses to make easy connections and create dynamic forms and workflows. This enables the knowledge worker to share business documents of different forms with partners or organizations securely. Vanenburg Software helps organizations to improve their business processes in many different ways: our software solutions enable digital seed enrichment processes, improve the the shop-floor activities of aeroparts production process and facilitate digital exchange of more than 30.000+ invoices between numerous organizations with eVerbinding / Collabrr platform. If you want to improve your business processes with a smart cloud app, please contact us!

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