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NewPort Tank Containers success story

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Building a next-level transportation management system with Vanenburg

NewPort Tank Containers is a leading, global, specialized tank container operator. Vanenburg helps NewPort to stay an industry leader by creating a tailor-made transport management system (TMS) that is intelligent and futureproof; it integrates procurement, fleet management, sales, operations & finance. The New TMS enables NewPort to stand out from the competition instead of following them.

Their challenges were:

  • Lack of competitive advantage
  • Suboptimal decision making
  • High cost of operation
  • Inaccurate data
  • A tailor-made solution
  • Unique way of working
NewPort case study

Vanenburg managed to digitize their complete transportation management process, by building a future-proof system that is tailored to NewPorts needs. Developed from the ground up, delivering reduced licensing costs, amongst other major benefits.

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