Vanenburg serves global enterprises and medium sized organizations.  As flexible partner with deep industry expertise, we focus on manufacturing, supply chain, logistics and healthcare verticals.  Learn more about our use cases below.

Regardless of the industry you are in, you can be confident we have the capabilities to address the need specific to your industry.


Modernize your manufacturing technology and processes to drive growth

The fourth industrial revolution is here with all its disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence and IoT. At Vanenburg, we have a long heritage and deep expertise in manufacturing, being it discrete manufacturing, job shop manufacturing or process manufacturing. We work with multinational manufacturers as well as medium-sized production companies enabling their Industry 4.0 journey and making their employees, suppliers, customers and ‘things’ more productive.

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Supply chain

Establish a flexible, connected and data driven supply chain

The supply chain & distribution industry is driving for resilience, sustainability and transformation while improving the customer experience. Here our development and integration expertise allows you to realize different ways of supply collaboration and more efficient operations.

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Future proof your logistical operations

The logistics & transportation industry is finding new paths to grow and sustain itself. Our domain expertise to build business critical applications at scale will be put to use for your logistical challenges.

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Transform your healthcare operations

The healthcare industry is undergoing an accelerated digital transformation, with COVID-19 serving as a catalyst. Our deep expertise in Salesforce, Google Cloud and open technologies, coupled with our agile-focused approach, enables us to rapidly deliver results in co-creation with your team. We are NEN 7510 certified, and are experienced in delivering applications in regulated environments.

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Transform your business

Leverage the power of rapid application development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, analytics and IoT

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