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De Staffing Groep success story

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Scalable collaboration portal on top of Salesforce for 25,000+ users.

De Staffing Groep is one of the largest and most successful staffing and recruitment companies in the Netherlands. The company was working with a low-code platform to build an end-to-end candidate portal. Their project turned out to be time-consuming and did not deliver the expected solutions.

Their objectives were:

  • To develop a Collaboration App (portal) for 25.000 freelance users;
  • Independently manage the process from request to invoice via mobile or desktop;
  • To be integrated with Salesforce and internal applications for seamless interaction with clients and candidates.
De Staffing Groep

Vanenburg managed to rapidly develop this candidate portal on the Google Cloud Platform with our Rappit rapid application development solution. A customized, scalable portal developed in 2 months, with an ROI in under 6 months, and additional yearly savings of €60.000+.

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