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Vanenburg nominated twice for Dutch EuroCloud awards

Vanenburg is very proud to be nominated for Best Cloud Start-up and Best Cloud Product by EuroCloud, an independent and fast-growing non-profit organization that plays an active role in the design of cloud industry standards and has a presence in over 30 countries. The winners of the EuroCloud Awards 2014 competition will be announced on June 11 at the Dutch IBM headquarters in Amsterdam.

Best Cloud Start-up
One of the nominees is eVerbinding (, a new billing service provider for the Dutch small- & medium-enterprise market which is powered by the social collaboration platform of Vanenburg Software, Collabrr. This start-up has gone to market earlier this year and offers a unique e-invoicing solution, embedded in popular accounting software packages. This allows organizations to send and receive electronic invoices right from their existing accounting application without the need for using any additional tooling or printing and scanning of documents.

Best Cloud Product
EuroCloud also nominated Fortierra ( who offers a cloud solution, developed by Vanenburg Software, which provides an independent and complete view of all relevant information of a real estate object and its value. The information is gathered from 50+ publicly available databases and is visualized for house owners, real estate developers, and housing corporations, giving them real-time insight in their utility usage and an overview of all future maintenance needs.

Innovation and Vanenburg Software
Innovation starts with a good idea and most real innovation finds its origin in the mind of individuals and not companies. The biggest challenge is to transform an idea into a company. Vanenburg Software assists entrepreneurs in this challenge, true to the heritage of our founder and visionary entrepreneur Jan Baan.

Vanenburg Software is co-creating, developing, and managing complete IT solutions for start-ups in the field of online services. Not necessarily for a fixed fee, but sometimes even for a percentage of the future revenue of that start-up. In this model, all parties benefit from the success and have a natural urge to do what is needed to create success, with a common goal and agenda, simple and transparent. In the process, Vanenburg Software downsizes the cash needed by the entrepreneur or makes more funds available for getting the solution to market. In this way we keep true to our spirit: “Building you a better business”.

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