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MSD wins IoT healthcare award with AntTail’s CALM solution powered by Vanenburg

MSD is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. They develop medicines and vaccines and conduct research on several pharmaceutical innovations having a great positive impact on healthcare and society.

Production and transportation of medicine is bound to strict procedures. Factors such as temperature can influent the quality of the medicines, which potentially reduces the efficacy. However, as soon as the end user, e.g. the patient, owns the medicine, these procedures are no longer being monitored. Research has demonstrated that most patients do not adhere to the guidelines regarding storage temperature. Fridges are set either too warm or too cold, which can result in a diminished efficacy of the drug. Hence, this could even lead to health risks.

AntTail develops and delivers products for the pharmaceutical industry to ensure the quality of medication. Medicines travel long distances from the production plant to the patient, and it can be hard to keep track of what happens along the way. AntTail works closely with Vanenburg to develop the cloud-based back-office for the monitoring service. This way, the temperature of the medicine on its journey to the end user can easily be monitored. MSD recognizes how important it is that monitoring doesn’t stop when the medicine has reached its final destination. The patient’s health is the reason why we need procedures in the first place.

In collaboration with AntTail, MSD developed CALM (Cold-chain Adherence Last-Mile). Apart from monitoring the temperature of the medicine, the patient also receives a CALM cooler; a special mini-fridge to store their medication in. This cooler can even be taken along on a journey as it stays cold without an energy supply for 10 hours. In addition, the sensor knows if, and when a package is being opened. Should this not take place at the set times, the pharmacy receives a notification to take action.

This solution has several benefits. Stored at the correct temperature, the efficacy of the medication will be ensured which results in a more successful treatment. The CALM cooler is ideal for vacations and other trips and will give the patients peace of mind. The reminder by an application helps the patient to stick to their schedule. It is even possible for health care professionals to monitor and follow up on this data.

Vanenburg is a company specializing in cloud-based solutions for both large and small enterprises. Vanenburg has the scale and expertise to deliver complete solutions and also offers implementation and process optimization services.

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