eVerbinding eliminates paper invoices

As an initiative of Vanenburg Software and Lansigt Accountants, the eVerbinding cloud platform eliminates paper invoices. The eVerbinding platform offers connections with financial applications as well as Simpler Invoicing, the e-invoicing initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, which allows companies to fully automate their invoicing process using their own financial application. E-invoicing is defined as sending, receiving and processing invoices fully automatically in a financial application, without having to scan, print or use other tools. As this eliminates human intervention, it prevents mistakes from being made but it also saves time and speeds up the financial process.

The eVerbinding platform is essentially a ‘social business network’. It allows businesses to build and maintain their network to collaborate on business documents, forms or agreements and to record them. To release the platform for the SME market in October, eVerbinding is working intensively with software vendors to build connections to their applications in the next few months.

Jan Jaap Kanis, Managing Director Vanenburg Software: “eVerbinding is built on Collabrr, our platform which provides user-friendly, online, social business tools. Current social network tools are in general only relevant for personal social messaging or as a custom social tool for large international companies that have enough time, money and resources to build, implement and maintain such a solution. With eVerbinding we provide this functionality to the SME market.”

eVerbinding has set itself a target to connect at least 100 software applications to the platform in 2015, which will cover the majority of the Dutch market. With over 1 billion B2B invoices every year, savings by using eVerbinding can increase dramatically by eliminating the paper invoice.

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