Establish the Fokker 4.0 factory of the future

Fokker Technologies is a leading global aerospace specialist that designs, develops and manufactures highly engineered aircraft systems to aircraft manufacturers and provides through-life aircraft fleet support services. In order to satisfy the increasing customer demand for higher production standards, manufacturers need to operate smarter and increase the efficiency and effectivity of how they run their business.

The need for industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution of digitalization, has taken shape in the World Class Composite Solution program (WCCS). This is a four year subsidized innovation program, which is focused on improving the manufacturing process and the manufactured article by adopting innovative IT solutions and applying smart process improvements.

Fokker 4.0 program establishes the factory of the future in three phases:


    • Production is controlled and administered entirely digital, with real-time product traceabilit
    • The available data is converted into information, and used to improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency and avoid errors
    • The smart exchange of information with other sites and parties in order to work even more efficient and effective


The first phase is the digital foundation for future innovations: a complete paperless workflow, everything will become digital. This will lead to numerous advantages like:

  • Information can easily be traced, and documents can easily be located
  • No more handwriting
  • Certificates and stamps will be given digitally
  • Trace-ability of a product can be viewed real-time


Within Fokker 4.0 program, Vanenburg leverages the knowledge in the areas of ERP, flexible process apps, integrations and process management. This takes shape in the design and development of a digital product cossier with Collabrr and management of the end-to-end workflow.


The basis of the Fokker 4.0 solutions is the Pace-Layered Application Strategy of Gartner, which is the central theme in all projects of Vanenburg.


Companies adopting this strategy are able to build an application portfolio that supports business ideas and the inevitable business changes. This approach respects existing systems and investments, decouples the application architecture and facilitates the development of small innovative apps to serve the business better, faster and cheaper in the demand for change, differentiation and innovation.

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