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A leading supplier and manufacturer with €15+ billion in annual revenue and 100,000+ employees with operations in more than 30 countries, requested our assistance in improving their IT infrastructure.

Vanenburg successfully designed, built and maintained more than 50 intelligent enterprise applications, in multiple areas such as finance, HR, quality management, manufacturing and R&D. We replaced 6,000+ outdated Lotus Notes applications and 250+ servers, using intelligent enterprise applications on top of the enterprise’s core systems and ERP platform integrated with the Google Cloud Platform. The annual cost of maintenance and office infrastructure reduced dramatically, providing the company with funds to further automate and improve their business.

Enterprise applications

HR: An enterprise application for the company’s bonus management and appraisals process was developed and deployed as a central application across all regions. This intelligent app objectively manages the bonus criteria settings and handles the entire bonus and appraisal workflow and synchronization of data with their ERP system.

R&D: For their R&D employees we were asked to develop an enterprise application suite. As for all our solutions, the suite is fully integrated with their ERP and synchronizes in real time. A few unique functionalities were required in this suite to track project ROI, based on a time and effort comparison after hours have been logged, it also automatically updates the project management systems.

Quality: We developed an enterprise application that detects duplicate claims and other red flags, while handling all warranty claims and returns.

Management: The organization welcomes feedback from their team, to improve the overall organization, products and services they provide. For this purpose we developed an app that allows all employees to submit their suggestions, which could be anything from a product improvement to free food on Fridays. The app feeds a real time dashboard for management and HR.

Manufacturing: Safety is important, and the enterprise applications we developed allow the management all safety related issues in one central place. It can be used to alert authorities and others about an accident in the plant, or a quality issue that could affect customers. The workflows include all criteria for each process and safety protocol as well as deadlines for when certain steps need to be taken.

Finance: The company deals with several contract application approvals and investment authorization requests. This enterprise application covers both, and eases the workflow of the required signatures, and allows links to projects to be created automatically, while keeping track of every step in the processes.


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