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Fortierra offers information products and services to all parties in the property business with an innovative and scalable cloud solution. Called the “Nationale VastGOEDpas”. It gives access to the “DNA” of a real estate building based on all relevant information about the environment, energy, communications, and technology.


As real estate information and documents are scattered in many places and in many forms, real estate owners often find it cumbersome and difficult to find the right information regarding the impact of change in law, value, and/or technology at the right time. The main challenges faced are:

  • Property information is locked in multiple (50) locations in the real estate value chain
  • Current real estate information is being used improperly and way below its potential
  • Real estate professionals are not able to provide customers with the right information
  • The retrieval of available property/Real Estate data is complex and costly
  • Customers have zero access to analytical information that adds to their comfort, health, and their real estate portfolio positively


Powered by the application development capabilities of Vanenburg, Fortierra markets an innovative real-estate management system that offers real-estate stakeholders high-quality and reliable property information. The added value of this solution is that it presents the actual value of a property to real estate owners, and it also predicts the future value of the real estate, translating the impact of the changes in economic and financial value. Key benefits of the solution:

  • Makes the real estate market more transparent
  • Contributes to fair property prices
  • Unlocking 50+ public databases with valuable real estate information
  • Extensive analytics and prediction on the future value of the real estate (translating the impact of the changes in economic and financial value)


Fortierra has chosen Vanenburg to develop this application that provides all this information in an orderly manner through integrations with more than 50 publicly available databases and systems.


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