Enza Zaden decouples legacy and extends ERP with enterprise applications


About Enza Zaden

Enza Zaden is an independent Dutch seed breeding company since 1938. Enza Zaden develops innovative vegetable varieties and grows and sells seeds worldwide. The company focuses on more than twenty vegetable varieties, including tomato, sweet pepper, lettuce, cucumber, onion and melon.


Enza Zaden faced the following challenges in executing their growth strategy:

  • IT systems need more flexibility to implement innovations
  • Data is locked in multiple best of breed core systems
  • Standardization of application building platform and tools is needed
  • Business required a higher pace of delivery


In order to create flexibility in processes and the possibility of sharing data, it has selected a leading integration- and process platform with Vanenburg as their key partner in providing the necessary implementation and application management services. Vanenburg was taking the role of a trusted IT service partner in providing support in requirements definition, design, development, deployment and maintenance.


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