De Staffing Groep embraces collaboration portal for 25,000+ freelance users


About De Staffing Groep

De Staffing Groep is one of the largest suppliers of flexible knowledge and capacity in the Netherlands. With IT-Staffing, IP-Staffing and GP-Staffing labels the company has been matching professionals with the right organization and the organizations with the right professional  since 1986. It serves a majority of the top 200 Dutch organizations. De Staffing Groep is preferred staffing partner for the Dutch government, and has a strong focus on the Energy, Financial Services, Hightech and IT industries.


The company was working with a low-code platform to build an end-to-end candidate Portal allowing freelancers who work or will work for a client through De Staffing Groep to independently manage the process from request to invoice via mobile or desktop.  The portal was to be used by the company’s 25,000 freelance users and to be integrated with Salesforce and internal applications. Developing the additional “non-standard” functionality proved time consuming.

As a leading executive at the company stated: “The current low-code platform is fast in what can be done with the platform, but for what cannot be done, it takes a lot of time and cost”.

The application also would require the purchase of +25,000 low-code platform licenses to cater for the number of active external end users.


Leveraging productivity tooling, Vanenburg rapidly built a highly scalable candidate portal on Google Cloud Platform, integrated to Salesforce and internal apps allowing candidates and clients to seamlessly interact with De Staffing Groep. Resulting in a customized, scalable solution developed in 2 months, with an ROI in under 6 months, and additional yearly savings of €60,000+.


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