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About Autitouch

Autitouch was started from personal experience with autism by its founders. Autitouch has won several incentive prizes, including the Herman Wijffels Innovation Prize. Through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, Autitouch received support in product development and research into the viability of its plans and invested the money in psychometric research among 300 children, which was carried out in collaboration with TNO and the Department of Developmental Psychology of the Free University of Amsterdam.


Diagnostics of autism disorders demand highly predictable and regular interaction, but are currently mainly done by hand. This makes the process subjective, prone to error, very time consuming and expensive. Autitouch was looking for a way to realize effective and evidence-based solutions for diagnostics and treatment of children and adolescents with autism.


Therefore Autitouch and Vanenburg developed intuitive software on multi-touch platforms (table PCs). The end-results are easy-to-use apps where the therapist and child can play games together and generate diagnostic and observation data, along with behavioral characteristics linked to autism (DSMV). The collected data is used in auto-generated reports in the Autitouch cloud platform to give more insight in autism as a disorder.

The first solution which is released is the “Interactive Drawing Test” (IDT) and focuses on the element of reciprocity in the behavior of the child. The children make the test while playing on touchscreen tables with the therapist. The tablet collects the data automatically, generates diagnostic and assessed objectively and quickly in the Autitouch cloud platform, to provide a better diagnosis and gives more insight in autism as a disorder.

Vanenburg was able to connect this healthcare challenge with innovative software and improve the social interaction by making use of big data and analytics. By making a very intuitive design for the solution which could run on table PCs, children were able to perform the test in an easy way and were offered a ‘fun experience’ instead of a stressful test.

The solution was offered in the market beginning of 2016 and was tested in practice among 250 children by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Although Autitouch was received with enthusiasm, and both children and professionals experienced the administration via the computer as pleasant, it was stopped in the research phase due to lack of funding.


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