Airties takes control on their business with Rootstock Cloud ERP


About Airties
Airties, founded in 2004 and located in Istanbul (Turkey), has become the market leader for wireless connected homes. Airties designs and develops its own soft-, and hardware, wirelessly streaming internet connections and high-definition video to multiple rooms and screens. Their product portfolio includes broadband internet devices internet-based television set top boxes. Airties has an installed base of over 15 million homes worldwide.


The need for enhancing their customer engagement brought Airties to the Salesforce platform. In addition, Airties selected Rootstock Cloud ERP as the end-to end enterprise solution that supports their entire manufacturing process and their supply chain.

Key challenges which Airties faced before adopting the Rootstock Cloud ERP were related to the existence of multiple customer databases, the lack of flexibility of the legacy ERP solution, high volume of spreadsheet to manage the forecasting- & order fulfillment process and the lack of management information throughout the entire manufacturing- and sales process.


By implementing the Rootstock Cloud ERP on top of the Salesforce platform, manual steps and spreadsheet-driven processes were replaced by a modern Cloud ERP solution. Rootstock Cloud ERP is used for demand forecasting, purchasing and supplier management, project control, sales order management, warehouse management, logistics management and creating a single view of all customer information. An integration with the 3rd party financial system is made for the financial operations.

By doing so, Airties realized lower costs of operations, better organization of data with a single view of the customer information and an improved forecasting of the demand and supply.


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