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Automotive customer case study

Automotive customer case study

Developing the R&D project management solution for a manufacturing multinational

Vanenburg built an advanced R&D project management module on top of SAP propelled by the app development capabilities of Google Cloud. All R&D projects (which can run up to ten years) across 55 R&D centres and 22,000+ users globally use the solution.

Their challenges were:

  • The customer required a solution to manage all its R&D projects comprising the latest innovations catering to its advanced business processes.
  • High functionality needed with included modules such as planning, approval, tracking of milestones and investments, risk management, and time management.
  • Developing this in their core ERP was deemed not economical by the customer, given the associated license cost (for their considerable number of users), customization, and development time required.

Vanenburg managed to rapidly develop the R&D project management solution, integrating with 300+ SAP systems, improving hours logging efficiency from 70% to 99%, and with intuitive screens also avoided massive user training for 22,000+ users and €500,000+ in training cost.