Is it just a ChatBot or is there more?

Stefan van Olst

Stefan is a Senior Marketing professional, specialized in the computer software industry, new technologies and gadgets are his passion.

At Vanenburg, we have developed a ChatBot which uses machine learning. Calling it just a ChatBot would be an understatement, as in fact, it is more a full-fledged workflow assistant. Using this learning component, the bot can search and learn from documents, data stored in applications, and conversations with users. The bot ensures multi language support and it can be reused in several applications. This also entails we can create a customized ChatBot for all of our clients. The French automotive supplier Valeo was the first.

Our ChatBot can be used as FAQ-section. However, whereas a FAQ-page needs to be navigated to first, the ChatBot is available on every page in every application. In addition, one no longer needs to find his way through enormous lists of possible questions. The bot even supports speech and replies accordingly, which makes it easier to work with. Unlike a FAQ, the ChatBot understands the user’s context. If the user’s first question is ‘How to create a project?’ and the second question is ‘How can I add hours in it?’, the bot will understand that ‘it’ is referring to ‘project’. In case the ChatBot does not know the answer, it gives an intelligent answer that makes the user feel like he is talking with a human and not with a bot. For instance: “Dear Phillipe, I am not able to answer this question now. But I can check with my BO and get back to you later. Do you want me to contact him?” If the user answers with a “yes”, the ChatBot logs the question so that the Business Operator can add the answer. The BO can also just add documents concerning a certain subject. Because of machine learning, the bot can crawl these documents and learn to answer the questions by himself.

Thanks to the machine learning component, the bot can do much more than just answering questions. As the bot is able to search for information in applications, it can also be used to request status updates concerning ongoing projects. Furthermore, it reminds the user to do something, such as filling in hours or sending X an update. In addition, it is able to take action itself as well, such as sending emails to colleagues. These emails can for instance contain status updates or specific requests. This way, the ChatBot is a valuable assistant to the employee. Should the user have any work-related questions, need clarification or update on a project, or require assistance, the bot is available.

Having this ChatBot in your organization has several advantages. During work, it is frequently the case that employees get stuck as they have a question, and colleagues who might know the answer are too busy to help them properly. This leads to decreasing productivity, or just causes the employee to do something that might be wrong. Using the ChatBot, such risks are eliminated as the user receives his much needed answer immediately. Another benefit of this is consistency and compliancy to rules. Usually, people have their own preferences in how to conduct their work. This causes difficulties in transferring work when colleagues are absent. In the worst case, differences can even cause a breach of procedures. In addition, it is not always clear what the status is of a project. Colleagues do not know of each other what they are doing exactly. It happens that employees both do the same work, or nothing at all since everyone was under the impression that someone else had already been doing it.

When everyone uses the bot, all users receive the same answers and explanations, and know about the status of each project. This results in homogeneous methods, adherence to the procedures, and a higher productivity. Do you want to know more about our ChatBot, and what we could do for your organization? Contact us and we will be in touch.

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