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Meet our modernizers – Saji Antony

Saji Antony

Part six: Saji Antony – Senior Vice President Engineering Anyone at Vanenburg knows Saji. He started working at Baan Company in 1995 as a product architect until 2004. After his period at Baan Company, Saji joined Cordys in 2005 as a senior product manager until 2011, when he left Cordys and joined Vanenburg, becoming one […]

Unlock the potential of your SAP data

Google Cloud Cortex Framework

In an earlier blog, I wrote about how our mission is supported by helping customers move their SAP workloads to Google Cloud. In the first place, it will allow organizations to benefit from GCP’s sustainable infrastructure with many options for scale and growth and unique built-in resiliency such as automatic memory error detection and live […]